Re-Coating the water pipelines – Shuaiba

Security fence works – Duba station

Maintenance works in the administrative building of Al-Wajh station

Maintenance works of the security rooms in Duba station

Gabion protraction works for valley of Madinah and Yanbu water pipelines

The works of the social club in Duba station

Concrete walls works to protect the electrical poles – Shuaiba

Rabigh – Thuwal line inspection and testing works

Al Quoz + Al Qunfudhah line inspection and testing works

Protection works for Al-Shuqaiq tanks

Environmental warehouse works in Al Wajh station

Establishing Yanbu – Al-Madinah water transport management systems offices in Mufarahat

Asphalt and interlock works in Baish Dam – Stations

Floors concrete casting works – Shuaiba