Sanitary sewer project in the provinces of AlQaseem

Project Name

Implementation of House Sanitation System In Some Provinces of Al Qaseem

Project Period : 3 Years

This project is presented by establishing sanitation connections to the houses, where the main network of the city is organized well then connections are established. The connection is done directly from the house to the manhal with length ranging from 15 cm to 30 cm and depths ranging from 1.00 cm to 1.6 cm. Drilling is done first, then a layer of gravel with 20cm thickness is put under the pipes then we connect together the pipes that their diameters are ranging from 150mm to 200mm made of pottery VC. and put in a down slope shapre to ease the water movement inside the pipes. After that another layer of gravel with 30cm thickness cover the pipes and then we continue filling the space left with one sand layer and 2 layers of sub base and finally cover it with Asphalt.

This project services 4 provinces in Al-Qaseem

Al-Bukaireyyah Province Al-Badea Province Al-Khabra/Riyadh Al-Khabra Provinces Almathnab Province Where quantities of drilling length differs from province to province as shown: Al-Bukaireyyah Province 14 km Longitudinal Al-Badea Province 11.5 km Longitudinal Al-Khabra/Riaydh Al-Khabra Provinces 9 km Longitudinal Almathnab Province 8.7 km Longitudinal

Each province consists of at least one team that is fully equipped and separated as follows:

Site formal, surveyor, pipes laying group, back filling group and re-asphalt group.

In regards to the equipment used:

Poclan, J.C.B, loader or shovel. water tank. crane, dump truck, and other light weight equipments.