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The present requirements of the construction sector in the Middle East, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the increase of interest in the infrastructures and environmental protection; there emerged a unified effort in order to create Arab companies. These companies must be capable of executing large scale projects especially in the fields of Water Supply, Sewer Drainage, Pumping Stations and Treatment Plants that can compete with foreign techniques and modern technologies.

Accordingly, Ruk Construction Co. has constructed and implemented projects such as large scale infrastructure and environmental protection in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Samir Alghzawi, Chairman of board.

Professional Team

Meet the financial and marketing specialists

Muath Alghzawi

General Manager

Mohammad Alghzawi

Financial & Administrative Manager

Mohammad Alghulaiga

Eastern Region Projects Manager

Mohammad Abu Odah

West Region Project Manager

Dr. Emad Al-Abo Omar

Technical Manager

Talal Alshuaibi

HSE Manager

Mohammed Hashim

IT Support

Muhammad Mashhour

HR Manager

Mohammad Rashad

Chief Accountant


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